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Spyra GmbH - Facts
Spyra reinvents the water gun afteryears of stagnation. As a new wave high-tech version for tech fans and thrilledadults. With individual water blasts for more power, range and precision. Butwater blasters are just the beginning. Spyra is going to up-level the wholeoutdoor adventure.
Technical features of the SpyraTwo™
  • SpyraBlast Technology™. The SpyraTwo™ shoots precise, individual water blasts. The basis for this is the physical phenomenon called 'laminar flow', which is also used in ornamental fountains. The tank of the SpyraTwo™ holds approx. 22 water blasts, each with a volume of almost 30 ml.
  • Clear hits and superior range. A specially designed nozzle-valve combination reduces turbulence in the water and enables clearly visible and noticeable hits at a distance of 10 meters. The maximum range of the SpyraTwo™ is 15 meters.
  • Tactical display. During the water battle, a digital display always shows the battery status and the remaining water volume in percent.
  • Auto-reload. No more exhausting pumping to build up pressure or time-consuming refilling of the tank: an automatic, electronic pump ensures that the tank is refilled by simply dipping the muzzle into a clean water source. Fully charged, the integrated battery enables 100 tankloads and has the power to automatically re-fill the water tank.
  • Futuristic design. All electronics are encapsulated in a robust shell with a futuristic design inspired by blasters from sci-fi action shooters. With two team colours, red and blue, for optimal gameplay.
About Spyra
Every great story has a beginning – and the founding of SPYRA as a world-renowned toy company was far from inevitable.
Built from a spontaneous vision
Sebastian Walter has been passionately fighting water battles with friends since he was a child. Back in the 90s, with the legendary Super Soakers. In 2015, an adequate gadget was needed for a fun boat trip to Munich: A water gun powerful enough to annihilate his friends.
However,Sebastian did not find what he was looking for. So - studied design - he took it into his own hands. He quit his job as a freelance designer to realise his vision: to completely reinvent the water gun – and take water fights to the next level. So far, this has resulted in the founding of the Spyra GmbH in 2018 and the development of the best water blasters in the world. More to come!
Community support from the start
Building the world´s best water gun requires time, perseverance, and creative engineering minds. Out of two years of hard work, euphoric ideas and six generations of prototypes, the SpyraOne™ arose. Building a water gun in 2018, the Spyra engineers could make use of electronics that would have cost a fortune back. An integrated, electronic pump that auto-refills and auto-pressurizes was a must-have for the SpyraOne™. Since the water gun is electronically controlled anyways, it was only logical to use that to your advantage with a status display. Back then, these features made the SpyraOne™ the world´s best water gun.
This SpyraOne™ should soon thrill many water fans around the globe but financing the production was a hurdle that seemed insurmountable. Still delighted by the first fully functional SpyraOne™ water gun, the team decided to seek help by the tech community: In July 2018 Spyra launched with a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.
TheSpyraOne™ project closed on Kickstarter as the most successful German crowdfunding campaign of the year. A total of 460,000 € was raised through pre-orders. In March 2019 the production finally started and the first SpyraOne™ were manufactured. In summer 2020 the Kickstarter SpyraOne™ were delivered to water battle fans worldwide. By the end of 2020, already more than 11,000 units had been delivered.
The next vision: a whole adventure around water battles
Building the world´s best water gun is a process that starts over and over again though. The team knew that there was much more potential in the SpyraOne™. And others wanted a piece of the pie when they saw how the SpyraOne™ completely reinvented the water gun industry. The next steps were clear. Firstly, the SpyraOne™ was further improved technically with the feedback of the Spyra Community. Secondly, patents were needed to protect the unique technology from imitators.
Spyra GmbH now holds a patent that protects the function of the intake through the front and the pressure build-up, which is electromechanical. A second patent protects the valve and trigger unit.
This successes has laid an important foundation for the second generation of SpyraOne™. In summer 2021, the SpyraTwo™ was introduced with seriously enhanced features. Apart from some very cool design changes, the engineers have doubled the performance of the battery (100 pumping cycles) and significantly increased the fire rate. They have implemented a new and improved display with more tactical features and also made some minor improvements like a less noisy pump and less dripping at the front. The SpyraTwo™ promises more fun while having up-leveled technical features.
But being the pioneer in electrical water blasters wasn´t satisfactory for the Spyra team. Next on the agenda was to revolutionise mechanical water guns and breathe new life into them with SpyraBlast Technology™. So in April 2022 the world´s best mechanical water blaster was launched: The SpyraLX™. It lets you shoot powerful, individual water blasts while being ready for action at any time. Although the SpyraLX™ is not electric as its brother and is refilled by pure muscle power, the reload doesn´t take much longer due to the smart Spyra PressureTech. On the one hand, it is very light and manoeuvrable, and on the other hand, thanks to the wide trigger, it lets you fire a veritable hail of water blasts from 0 to 100.
Even when the water blasters remain the heart of Spyra, water battles are way more than that. Water battles are whole adventures. Excitement. Challenge. Fellowship. Fun. And summer. To not only make the inner child in adults happy with scie-fi technology, our product designers also thought of other accessories to power-up water battles. In addition to the SpyraBlasters, Spyra currently offers theSpyraBase and the SpyraSpecs. It´s all about the gameplay with SpyraGear.
The SpyraBase is the solution to a common issue: where to go to reload your SpyraBlaster? The result of our engineers: a sturdy but foldable, lightweight but stable, flexible but unbreakable water base in team colours.
The SpyraSpecs add vogueishness to your look. They have the coolest aviator design, UV protection for that epic summer water battle and they go perfectly with your SpyraBasters.
Just as with the SpyraBlasters, we constantly work on enhance the water adventure. The next SpyraGear is in development already. We're just getting started.
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