The one and only summer bucket list for epic adventures

Dec 31, 2022

We at Team Spyra can hardly wait for summer. Even though winter has its own charm and brings many opportunities, we still enjoy the summer with its pool parties, BBQs and days at the lake a little more. To make your summer unforgettable, we at Team Spyra have pooled our best (and wildest) ideas and put together a unique bucket list for summer 2023. Ready for summer? Start the epic!

summer bucket list #1 - Festivals

Good music, cool people and a drink or two too many


Let's start with the basics. Summer = festival season. Means: several days of fun and good spirits. And the music's not bad either. Maybe even your favourite artist is there. But the real memories are made at the campsite, aren't they? What forms the basis for unforgettable stories? The drunk guy from the tent next door who makes a dog named George out of his beer cans and a bit of tape - his faithful companion for the remaining two days of the festival. Or moments with those people you meet by chance on the way to the toilet house. Friendships for life. Your summer bucket list should definitely include at least one festival visit. Grab your friends, a tent, your toothbrush and let's go.

summer bucket list #2 - Road Trips

Drift along and be open to spontaneity


Road trips are certainly nothing new for you. But have you ever really done one? The beauty of it is that you can design your road trip however you like. Do you like it a bit quieter with house music while you drive along the bottlenecks in the mountains? Or are you looking for a big adventure and preparing a route with bigger cities and events? Maybe in combination? Road trips also make holidays an unforgettable experience. Get to know Croatia or the west coast of North America in a completely different way. Filip, whom you'll probably meet at the petrol station in Croatia, will show you the hippest bar on the most beautiful beach in his country. And Liam knows San Diego so well that you'll eat the best sushi of your life. Always be open to the unplanned, especially on road trips. It's the only way to get them the place they deserve on our summer bucket list.

summer bucket list #3 - Start a water fight

... that you will tell your children about


Wet and adrenaline-fuelled that's how many remember the water fights from their childhood. But who says water adventures stop when you grow up? Right now, we can make water battles completely different. More tactical. More exciting. And more epic. With the SpyraBlasters, you have the opportunity to create an unique gameplay around your water battle. The SpyraBlast, an unprecedented, powerful single blast lets you target your opponents precisely. You can reload your SpyraTwo in just seven seconds. Fully automated and without losing valuable energy for the rest of the game. But watch out! Your friends are also more powerful than ever with the SpyraBlaster. The only question left for your summer bucket list is: Are you Team Red or Team Blue?


summer bucket list #4 - Digital Detox

No mobile phone, no internet and no TV for 24 hours. Hard, but surprisingly good


You might be thinking to yourself: What the heck? That's what many of us thought when we first heard the idea. But we wouldn't recommend anything on the 2023 Summer Bucket List that isn't Team Spyra-approved, which is why we all (and we really mean all, even mobile phone junky Kilian after some convincing) went for it for a day. The experience reports the next Monday were surprisingly positive. Some were even wilder than expected. Franzi, for example, finally visited her grandmother in Tyrol again. And there she ate the well-known and very delicious Kaiserschmarrn according to family tradition. A visit without the distraction of the smartphone made her grandma glow. And Roland: He was so bored that he drove to the office, grabbed four SpyraBlasters and started a water fight with strangers in the nearby park. Be like Roland. 

summer bucket list #5 - Campfires

Already cool back then, even cooler today


There is something cosy and at the same time totally fascinating about campfires. What better way to end a beautiful summer day than with the pleasant warmth, gentle crackling and flickering flames of a campfire? But that doesn't mean your campfire has to be boring. Hollywood films show us how: Do you have someone in your friend group who plays an instrument? A drum kit might not be ideal, but a guitar will quickly create the right atmosphere. With the right song selection, you'll pull everyone along, even the most vocal dyslexic. (Pro tip from us: The campfire song from Spongebob can get a bit out of hand. Don't do it.) Add to that some stick bread and stories from the Paulanergarten (as we say in Germany) and you're sure to remember the evening for a long time.

The hardy extend the evening and spend a whole night around the campfire. Horror stories included. But more on this in the next item on your summer bucket list.

summer bucket list #6 Camping

A night under the stars. If you dare.


As already mentioned, a night out is not necessarily for everyone. However, we at Team Spyra wanted to include this idea on our Summer Bucket List because it is a unique experience for those who dare. Just make sure you check the weather forecast, because you will already get wet during your water fight. So what does an exciting night out ideally look like? For Team Spyra, good food and snacks are a must. Beforehand, you'll go to the supermarket and then to your favourite restaurant. For the cosy factor, they pack sleeping mats and sleeping bags. And for a night hike, it's best to pack torches. Mobile phone torches are not a good option if you haven't done a smartphone detox during the day as in point 4 of the Summer Bucket List. The batteries don't last forever, as Flo quickly discovered last time. He then continued to walk through the dark forest at Moritz's hand. For that extra adrenaline kick, you pull out your darkest and scariest stories. Trust us.

summer bucket list #7 River Rafting

(even a rubber boat can be quite cool!)


The last point was inspired by Sebastian, Spyra's CEO, himself. The idea for Spyra came about during just such an excursion. Boat trips were apparently already super cool in the summer of 2015. And that hasn't changed. Grab a boat (without a hole! Not even a small one! – BR Julia), go with your friends to find a river with a suitable starting point and destination, pack a cold drink or two and off you go on an adventure. Boat trips are the perfect way to spend a day relaxing and chatting with your friends in an undisturbed atmosphere. If you want more action, you can look for a more frequented river, such as the Isar or the Eisbach in Munich, Germany, which run right through the city centre. You'll always find enthusiastic people on the banks joining in with the odd bit of fun. Just make sure that you skilfully fend off intruders and that your boat is not stormed.

Maybe the next time you go boating, you'll come up with an innovative idea just as budling the strongest water gun in the world that will make your summer a whole lot better.


 COVER PICTURE/ Bell Park Brand via Unsplash

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